Marielle & Dimitri Droisneau: a perfect partnership of cuisine and quality service

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In 2014, the Droisneaus took over management of La Villa Madie, with the aim of preserving the magic of the venue while giving it their own personal touch of authenticity, generosity and rigour… They are seeking to build their life-long dream of bringing together fine local cuisine and impeccable service.


Marielle is from the Aveyron region and began her career in Laguiole alongside Michel Bras, who changed her outlook and approach to waitering. She was always keen to learn more, working with big names such as Michel Guérard, Marc Veyrat and Martin Berasategui, and also spent some time in England.
One day, by a twist of fate, she came to La Réserve de Beaulieu, where she met Head Chef Dimitri Droisneau. It was the start of a beautiful partnership both in and out of the kitchen.
They were approached by Jean-Marc Banzo and decided to join La Villa Madie together.
Marielle is currently Restaurant Manager at the La Villa Madie restaurant, seeking to bring her knowledge of the table arts alongside the cuisine she holds so dear…


Dimitri is from Normandy and began working as a chef in his home region. He then headed to Paris to get ahead in the world of fine cuisine. After gaining experience in prestigious establishments, such as La Tour d’Argent, Alain Senderen’s Le Lucas Carton and Eric Fréchon’s Le Bristol, he met Bernard Pacaud at L’Ambroisie, whose three-pronged approach to cuisine (rigour, products and simplicity) would go on to have a lasting impact in his life. Dimitri then made a significant transition, moving to the Mediterranean. He worked for La Réserve de Beaulieu where he rose up through the ranks, becoming Head Chef, with 2 Michelin Stars. But most importantly, this is where he met Marielle, his future wife. This partnership led to a shared life plan, which would take them to La Villa Madie, where they now seek to bring together fine cuisine and quality service. Their new creative outlet is now at the feet of Cap Canaille in Cassis…