Calanques fragrancies
64 €

Red mullet immersed in a broth with local flavors…

Vegetables from our local Market
88 €

Seasonal vegetables tart, parmesan cheese and black truffle

Scallops of Normandy
62 €

Marineted with salt then grilled, leek with orange and poutargue

Langoustines and Kristal caviar
112 €

Of the Mediterranean sea and the ocean in two services, Lemon-thyme and fennel broth

Maritime escapade

Maritime escapade

86 €

Roasted with Timut pepper, vegetables blanquette with orange

Sea bass and Kristal caviar
74 €

Sea foam flavored with combava and Sansho pepper, Oyster of Bouzigues

Turbot of our coast
82 €

Fried artichoke  with black truffles and sabayon leaves


Through our countryside ...

Through our countryside ...

Veal sweetbread
72 €

Roasted, roots vegetables, Mediterranean peel lime

Rabbit from Poitou
78 €

Saddle and ribs roasted, lettuce from Provence in saltimbocca way

Pasture and epilogue

Pasture and epilogue

26 €

Refined cheeses selections by Laurent Coulmiers

Warm manjari chocolate tart
26 €

Meadowsweet ice cream

The “Cazette” hazelnut
26 €

A tray of different texture

Provence's Olive
26 €

Crystallized, transfixed and sprayed with Bouteillan olive oil green olive

The lemon
26 €

Our own special take on the lemon tart

Starter, fish, meat and a sweet pleasure

Valid for lunch and dinner

Any change involves a surcharge

A Starter, two fishes, a wink, a meat and two desserts

For the whole table only
Valid for lunch and dinner

Any change involves a surcharge

Lionel Legoinha, Chef Sommelier for La Villa Madie since 2007, offers a wine list that does honour to the terroir of Cassis and its renowned minerality.

The cellar is not limited to regional wines and offers a very fine selection of 550 references, showing both passion and character.