Vegetables from our local market
68 €

Seasonal vegetables tart, parmesan cheese

Lou sardo
115 €

Mediterranean sardine in few ways, raw with lemon thym
Amandines potatoes grilled and puffed, “osciètre” caviar from Sologne

Lou carambou
76 €

The carabineros shrimp confined in red fruits tartlet
Head shrimp foam

Maritime escapade

Maritime escapade

L’aigo boulido de San piaré and Supi
78 €

John Dory fish and Squid submerged in a garlic broth
Ink squid tortellini and sage

Lou ligoumbo
98 €

The blue lobster roasted then smoked with immortal flowers

Calanques fragrancies
82 €

Red mullet and sea urchin immersed in a broth with local flavors…

Through our countryside ...

Through our countryside ...

Gaieto de vedèu
96 €

Veal sweetbread with chesnut honey
Artichoke with Corsican citrus peel

Lou agnéu
94 €

The lamb as we like it in Marseille…

Pasture and epilogue

Pasture and epilogue

Cheese trolley
29 €

Refined cheeses selection by Benoit Lemarié

The warm Manjari chocolate tart
30 €

Meadowsweet ice cream

30 €

The hazelnut and old balsamic vinegar

The Madagascar vanilla
30 €

Prepared with the “Ferroni” local rum

Une entrée, un poisson, une viande et un plaisir candie …

Valable au déjeuner et au dîner

Tout changement implique un supplément

Servi en six actes…

Proposé uniquement pour l’ensemble de la table

Valable au déjeuner et au dîner

Tout Changement implique un supplément