Horaires Villa Madie :
Lundi : 12h – 13h15 | 19h – 21h15
Mardi : Fermé
Mercredi : Fermé
Jeudi : 12h – 13h15 | 19h – 21h15
Vendredi : 12h – 13h15 | 19h – 21h15
Samedi : 12h – 13h15 | 19h – 21h15
Dimanche : 12h – 13h15 | 19h – 21h15

Horaires Brasserie du Corton :
Lundi : 12h – 14h
Mardi : 12h – 14h
Mercredi : 12h – 14h
Jeudi : 12h – 14h
Vendredi : 12h – 14h
Samedi : Fermé
Dimanche : Fermé

Born in Aveyron, Marielle Droisneau started her formation at Michel Bras’s where she kept the taste for authenticity and excellence. She then headed to several great restaurants with chefs like Michel Guérard, Marc Veyrat, Martin Berasategui and la Réserve in Beaulieu where she met Dimitri. From this union in life and also in the kitchen will rise La Villa Madie that we now know. A place where she brought its identity to and was able to set up a service in total adequation of the Cooking within.

Trained with Michel Canet in Alençon, it is in Paris that Dimitri Droisneau, originated from Normandy, will make a decisive meeting after several great establishements like le Bristol, Lucas Carton or la Tour d’Argent: the talented Chef Bernard Pacaud who passed on his love of products, his discipline in execution and finally his humility in work. He now exposes his Cooking at La Villa Madie where he was awarded since 2014 a second star in the Michelin Guide.

Nestled in l’Anse de Corton, a well-known reef to the people of Cassis, La Villa Madie is facing the Mediterranean Sea with its patio overhanging it and promises a true gastronomical trip between land and sea.

It is in Cassis, a genuine village, that Marielle and Dimitri Droisneau decided to share their love for this wonderful terroir through the very diverse Cooking.

Another establishement, another atmoshpere: la Brasserie du Corton, located alongside la Villa Madie, is where fresh products from the terroir are served in Bistronomy cooking which is simple but very tasty and requires still as much attention.

La Brasserie du Corton also has this breathtaking view over the Mediterranean Sea and the Cap Canaille. The team serves lunch everyday from monday to saturday with a menu evolving throughout the seasons.